Laura is a landscape architect exploring in/formal strategies and practices of and for spatial transformation. Linking a post-humanist approach of reading, understanding and developing landscapes  with the relationality of these socially produced sites is central to her practical, theoretical and photographic work. Her teaching focuses on alternative practices for a design of the pluriverse and eco-social renewal, ranging from the micro to the planetary scale.
Laura is a research assistant at the Department of Open Space Development at Hochschule Geisenheim University as well as an associated doctoral researcher at the DFG funded Research Training Group "Urban future-making: Professional agency across time and sale" at HafenCity University Hamburg. Her doctoral project investigates the intersection of formal and informal spatial strategies and their potentials for open space development. Prior to teaching bachelor’s- and master’s-level design studios as well as theoretical and practical seminars, Laura worked for Vogt Landscape Architects in Zurich and Berlin.
Laura Schöngart 
born 1994, Germany

10405 Berlin
instagram: lauraschoengart
since   2022/06:  Associated Doctoral Researcher at the DFG Research Training Group "Urban Future-Making"
RTG 2725: Urban Future-Making – Professional Agency Across Time and Scale”, HafenCity Universität Hamburg
since   2022/02:  Doctoral Research: "Collaboratively greening the city?" 
Prof. Dr. Constanze A. Petrow, Professorship of Open Space Development, Hochschule Geisenheim University
Prof. Dr. Monika Grubbauer, Professorship of History and Theory of the City, HafenCity University Hamburg
since   2021/04:  Research Assistant, Department of Open Space Development, HGU Geisenheim
Teaching BA and MA design studios and theoretical seminars. Selection of courses below.

2018 - 2020 Landscape Architect at Vogt Landscape, Berlin 
2016 - 2018  Landscape Architect at Vogt Landscape, Zurich

Lokstadt Winterthur, Sulzer Areal, Winterthur, Switzerland
BaseLink, Allschwil, Switzerland 

2018-2021 M.A. Spatial Strategies, Art School Berlin Weißensee, Berlin
Thesis: "Sub Tilia - An Archetype for Eco-Social Renewal"
2013-2017 B.Eng. Landscape Architecture, Hochschule Geisenheim University, Geisenheim
Thesis: "Limmat und Sihl - Zwei prägende Elemente der Zürcher Stadtlandschaft"
2022/08  "Tracing and dwelling in post-anthropogenic landscapes"
COST ACTION SUMMER TRAINING SCHOOL, European Cooperation in Science and Technology, Prague and Ralsko, Czech Republic
2019-2021 ISSP International Masterclass, Lisa Barnard, Rhizomes: Political Constellations, Lithuania
Project: "Sub tilia - An archetype for eco-social renewal"
2019/08    Forestry Summer School, Baikal Region, Irkutsk Agrarian State University, Russia
Project: "Woodlands"

2022/11: Public spaces between resonance and affordance. Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2022, Panel Session Spaces of Encounter: negotiating claims to urban public space, Conference Paper, 19.11.2022, Lausanne, Switzerland. w/ Günay, M. 
2022/11: Green urban stewardship. Hochschule Geisenheim University, Lecture Series Landscape Architecture, Handlungsfelder der Planung: Akteure vernetzen. 15.11.2022, Geisenheim, Germany.
2022/09: Spatial configurations of green urban stewardship. ECLAS 2022 conference Scales of Change, Doctoral Colloquium, 11.09.2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Bachelor Design Studio 2022/23: Joint Spaces. Eine Landschaftsfuge entwickeln. Steinbach im Taunus
Bachelor Theoretical Seminar 2022/23: Alternative Praktiken der Raumproduktion
Master Design Studio 2022: Zukunftsfähige Landschaftsnarrative entwickeln - Oberes Mittelrheintal
Bachelor Design Seminar 2022: Stegreifentwürfe - Narrativ(e) entwerfen -- Freiräume formen
Master Design Studio 2021: Post-Corona Stadt - Visionen für die Frankfurter Innenstadt
Bachelor Design Seminar 2021: Stegreifentwürfe - Wand, Boden, Füllung
2019 Split Level, Kunstraum Potsdamer Strasse, Berlin
2019 Rundgang Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin